Newsletter August 2017

Hello and Goodbye

We would like to say a big hello to Malakai who joined our Lower Baby Room at the end of July, Simran who is joining our Upper Baby Room and Tate who is joining our Yellow Room. A big welcome to Bay Tree House and we hope they enjoy their time with us.

Sadly at the end of Last month we said Good bye to Ibrahim and this month we are saying goodbye to Daniela, Jahmene, Neve, Ella-Renae, Raheem, Jasmine, Shamoya and Damar as they are preparing to start school and Zion who will be leaving to start a new nursery at his future school. We wish them all the best and ask that they come back to visit when they are settled in their new schools.


Celebrating the Diversity within our Nursery

Throughout August we will continue looking at Italy as our country of interest. Thank you to Cecilia, Olivia’s mummy, for providing us with lots of useful words in Italian. The children have been learning how to say hello and goodbye, please and thank you and we will be looking at counting to five in Italian. For our meal of the month we will be having ‘Melanzane e Zucchini’ which is pasta served with aubergines and courgettes in a tomato sauce. If you have an Italian background and would like to get involved please speak to your child’s keyworker.

International day

Our annual international day will be on Friday 4th August from3pm-5.30pm. This day is really important to us and is an opportunity for us to learn about many different cultures. We will have tables set up for different countries from around the world so if you would like to cook a dish from your country we would welcome your contribution and if you have anything at home that you feel might be of value to the day please bring it along. For Health and Safety reasons we must ask that only the children that attend Nursery on a Friday can take part.


Summer Club

During the holidays we run a Summer Club for our After School children. We provide lots of fun activities for them to do including Spanish Workshops, Cooking classes, which this month will be featuring Italian Cuisine for our Country of the month, Swimming every Wednesday and Outings to Museums and other places of interest. There will also be lots of Creative activities at the nursery for the children to get involved in. If you wish for any siblings to take part please speak to Shannel.

Mobile Phones

We do understand that parents/carers and visitors need to have their mobile phones with them but ask that at all times when you are in the setting you refrain from using it. It is part of our Child Protection Policy that staff must not use their mobile phones while at work and we request that Parent/Carers and Visitors follow the same Policy.

Graduation 2017

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Graduation ceremony in July. It was a lovely experience for all the children and a special way to mark the end of their time at nursery. There was lots of tears (Mainly from Maria!!) and plenty of laughter. Annie prepared a dance performance with the children for their parents and then we had a buffet afterwards. I am sure you will all agree the photographs were amazing and a lovely keepsake.


‘My Nursery Child’

Just a reminder to parents that you can send messages to your child’s Keyworker through the Nursery child system. On the first column there is a section ‘My notes to school’ where you can just type your message and send. You can also do home observations that will go onto your child’s profile. If any parent is having trouble accessing this please speak to Jane.



To all Parents using cars, if the driveway is full, could you please find alternative parking in the road opposite. Next door have stated that they will clamp any cars using their driveway.


Outdoor Play

Our weather has been a bit unreliable over the last couple of weeks so can you please ensure your child’s Blue bag has the correct clothing in it for this time of year. Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of the Sun!

Dates for your diary


Friday 4th August – International Day

Friday 8th September – Summer Trip

Thursday 26th October – Inset Day

Friday 27th October – Parents Evening

Saturday 28th October – Parents Evening for the Weekend.

Christmas activity week will be from week commencing 11th December 2017 and our annual Christmas party will be on Saturday 16th December. We will let parents know nearer the time specific days and times. Our first Inset day of 2018 will be 02/01/18




Shaquille 1yr            Iustin 2yrs            Aaliyah 3yrs           Ella-Renae 4yrs

                                   Mila 2 yrs             Amariah 3yrs         Raheem 4yrs

                                   Olivier 2yrs          Navayah 3yrs         Robert 4yrs

                                   Lyra 2yrs             Jacob 3yrs

                                   Angel 2yrs           Amira-Rose 3yrs     

                                   Sadiq 2yrs





We wish you all a very happy birthday!